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Several new features for even more sophisticated forms and surveys(1)

Didzis Sprūds | Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Captcha or security code is a feature that prevents automated use of web forms that has been published in Internet. As many of Vizzualforms users want to publish the form somewhere one the web, for example, in their home pages or blogs, this was a necessary step to ensure that all data that has been submitted in forms that are available online are valid and submitted by humans.


We decided to use ReCaptcha module as it has been widely used and has several advantages - high security, easy integration and it is useful. Words that appear in ReCaptcha are not an artificial combination of letters without meaning - each of these words comes from old books that has to be digitalised and by reading and typing them into the captcha field each respondent help to do that.

Depending on the way how you choose to distribute your form captcha module can be switched on or off. (we recommend that you switch it on if you publish the web form in Internet page that anyone can access.)

Progress bar and "back" button

If you use the setting that each web form fields has to appear in separate page now below the question appears also progress bar that indicates how much questions you have answered and how much still are left. This appears automatically for each web form if in the settings has been indicated that each field has to appear one by one.


Together with this feature we have implemented also "back" button - possibility to go back to previous questions and, if necessary, change already provided answers.

Review screen

We know that sometimes respondents are in a hurry or they simply do not pay sufficient attention to the questions or answers that the choose.
Now there is a possibility to set that before submitting the form user can see the data that they have provided in a table. If necessary respondents can go back and edit the data.

We strongly hope this feature will help to ensure more precise and reliable data.


Entry quota

Sometimes it is necessary to set the limit how many respondents can submit the particular web form. Now it can be done with the new "Maximum number of entries" option. If enabled the form will stop accepting new entries after the maximum number of entries is reached and respondents will see a message "This form no longer accepts submissions."



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